This Proven Defensive System Gets Faster, More Aggressive Players in Just 5 Practices for Less Than the Cost of a Coaching Clinic.

The Only 4-2-5 Defense Built on the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win Philosophy to Shut Down Any Offensive Attack.

You work your butt off. Come up with a great game plan. You and your players put in long hours on the practice field.

But on Game Day? It’s rough.

You're smaller than the teams you play against. Players play slow on the field. Get confused. Forget assignments. 

Missing tackles. Can’t get off blocks. Sometimes they’re not even lined up right.

And as offenses get more complex than ever… you have less time than ever to get your defense ready.

How is this going to work?

You Need a New Approach.

The 4-2-5 Defensive System is built on one critical philosophy that changes it all.

Coach Simple. Play Fast. Win.

The 4-2-5 Defense System is a complete coaching system built on simplicity. Use only what you need for your team. For your schedule.

When you keep your teaching simple, players understand what they’re asked to do. How to do their job on the field.

They have confidence. Confidence is the key. Confident players play fast.

No more paralysis by analysis. No more indecision. No more fear. 

Faster players play more aggressive. Fly around. Make plays.

Simply put… faster players WIN more games.

Coach Simple. Play Fast. Win.

Time to stop reinventing the wheel every week. Making huge changes on defense for a schedule filled with different offensive attacks.

Spread Option. Flex bone. Wing-T. Air Raid. Double Wing. You see it all.

Trying to come up with a new solution every week? That just confuses your players. 

How many times have you had a top-notch game plan on paper, but your players just couldn’t execute? 

And all that time you spent installing that defensive game plan they couldn’t execute… you could’ve spent that on fundamentals. That’s what really wins games.

The Tools to Turn Your Program Around.

The 4-2-5 Defense System starts with a 5 Module Training Course. All the critical nuts and bolts of the System.

Modules are segmented into short clips so that you can study around your busy schedule. Most videos are less than 20 minutes.

The entire System is all online streaming video. No DVDs to wait for. Learn right from your home. You get Instant Access to start improving your football team right now. 

You get access to the playbooks. Practice plans. And the Drill Library. 

Everything you need in a one-stop coaching resource unmatched anywhere else. For less than it costs to take your staff to just one coaching clinic.

Ready to Dominate in Just 5 Practices

Once you learn the System, you decide what your team needs. Keep it Simple. Only what you need to win.

Then follow the 5 Day Installation Plan using the included Practice Plan Templates. This is a huge advantage that only Coach Simple teams have. 

The entire System is installed in just 5 days of practices. As little as 45 minutes of defensive practice time per day.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Athletes

Your football team is going to fly around from the opening kickoff. Fast. Aggressive. Confident. 

When you Coach Simple, your players keep getting better as the season goes along. Every week they’re gaining even more confidence.

Practices are about sharpening the sword. Not installing a whole new collection of play calls.

Better tackling. Better block destruction. Better execution. And making tweaks in the game plan each week that give the defensive play caller more tools in your tool belt.

Proven Way to Winning More Games

How do I know all this is going to work? Because I’ve seen this transformation happen countless times with other football coaches. Just like you.

I’m Joe Daniel, founder of Joe Daniel Football and host of The Football Coaching Podcast. That podcast has been at the top of the list for football coaches since 2012, with over 1.53 Million downloads from coaches all over the world.

I’ve been a speaker for the Glazier Clinics, featured in American Football Monthly, Gridiron Strategies, and listed as part of the Hudl Top 100 Influencers.

My most popular coaching eBook, Coaching Football’s 4-2-5 Defense has been one of the top resources for defensive coaches for nearly a decade. In 2014 we raised the bar with the introduction of The 4-2-5 Defense System

As of this writing, I have helped 6,946 football programs install or improve their 4-2-5 Defense using the Coach Simple way.

The Keys to Your Best Defense

My Complete Coaching System gives you instant access to everything you need to build your Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win defense right now.

I’ll share the simple alignment rules that never need to change. No more wasting time teaching guys how to line up every week. 

Learn consistent run fits built on the Umbrella Principle, a total game changer for defensive football coaches. Teach your players this simple principle, so they know how to stop any run play. No matter what offense.

The we build the No Fly Zone so that your defense can shut down the toughest passing attacks. A complete, versatile coverage package to back up your stout defensive front. 

Keep it simple with Cover 3, or lock down in a Cover 1 Man/Free coverage. For those high flying attacks, install the Simplified Split Field Quarters package. It's all included. 

Remember - you install only what your defense needs. Based on your players and your schedule. Keep it simple so your players can play fast.

Top off your playbook with a full blitz package including basic blitzes and more exotic man and zone blitzes. Dial up the perfect pressures at just the right time. As aggressive as you need to be.

I’ll also teach you and your coaching staff all the skills, techniques, and drill packages for every position on the defense. Have your players prepared to execute on game day. No more wasting precious practice time on anything that doesn’t transfer directly to the field.

Making a Difference for Coaches

The Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy works. When you simplify for your players, they play faster. Play more aggressive. Win more games.

Coaches across the country and around the world have been coaching The 4-2-5 Defense System and loving it. Here's what just a few of our coaches had to say this year...

Our Kids Can Just Play

The 4-2-5 Defense System has given me base principles I can build my defense on for next season. I got way more out of this than any video series I have spent money on, plus it was 1/4 of the cost. I can now give sound reasons why we are doing this and it allows us to make it simple, so our kids can just play.  

Andy Homan

Vermillion High School (SD)


Joe Daniel Football is complete, concise and clear. He's honest and forthright. He gives you the clarity on his mission for you to get what you need from his System. He's one of us, high school war dogs trying to make men out of kids through football.

Chris Nemith

Fort Walton Beach High School (FL)


The resources that Joe Daniel provides are invaluable. As a new Head Coach I learn something new every day from Coach Daniel's website and podcast. He has one of the best services for coaches across the country. Thank you Coach!

Joe Grosso

Hastings High School (NY)

Culture of Winning

This past year was my first as a head football coach, and with help from Coach Daniel it was a very successful one. I was able to use JDFB Insiders to learn how to use systematic schemes, develop time efficient practices, educate assistant coaches, and establish a culture of winning. Joe Daniel's simplistic approach helped me with my understanding of the game, as well as my players.

Beau Jackson

West Greene 7th/8th Grade (PA)

Foundation of a Championship

Joe Daniel and his website is a wealth of knowledge and a huge help. Our entire defensive staff utilizes him and his resources. Changing from our defense to a 4-2-5 and being as effective as we have been would not have been possible without JDFB. His resources open up questions to allow your staff to put your players in the best position to win. The underlying principles can be the foundation of a championship program!

Rick Honaker

Ryle High School (KY)

Above and Beyond

Joe was a tremendous help for our team this season. I love Joe's systems and highly recommend them, but there are a lot of great systems out there. What makes JDFB different is the extent in which Joe interacts with his clients. Whether it is through the message board, live YouTube clinics, or direct contact, Joe goes above and beyond to assist his clients and the results show on the field.

Geoffrey Strickland

Asheville School (NC)

Tools That Work

JDFB can help every team in America. This isn't just clinic speak from colleges, or for big programs with large numbers. The information is useful at all levels. I can take what I've learned and implement it to improve our team. Too often I walk away from clinics thinking I can't use what we just learned because we don't have spring football or one-way players. We're a small school with two or three sport athletes who play offense, defense and special teams. JDFB gives me the tools that work with our program better than any other resources.

Tony Brown

Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School (MN)

Everything You Need to Install the Defense

The 4-2-5 Defense System starts with the 5 Module Training Course. Learn everything you need to install your Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win defense.

Get Instant Access to all of the streaming videos. Plus every video is downloadable to take it anywhere you need to watch and learn.

You’ll learn the incredible Umbrella Principle. The Coach Simple approach to coaching run fits so that your players know exactly how to defend against any run play. 

Find out how to teach the ASKA - Alignment, Stance, Key Reads, and Assignment - for every position on the defense. Then learn the 44 levers on defense you can pull to get constant improvement all season long.

Player Personnel guidance makes sure you have your players in the right positions to excel.

Fully printable defensive playbooks. Practice Plan Templates. The Drill Library.

Critical for coaches right now… you get the 5 Day Install Schedule. Install the entire defense in just 5 days of practice.

No two-a-days needed. You don’t need to be a 2-platoon team. Just 45 minutes of practice time each day.

You’ll know how to use that time to perfection with the exclusive 5 Day Install Practice Plan Templates. Complete practice plans walk you through getting everything installed to fly around from the opening kickoff. 

Sneak Peak Inside the System Modules

Check out a sneak peak at the Table of Contents for The 4-2-5 Defense System's 5 Module Training Course. These modules take you step by step through everything you need to change your defense.

Each module listed below includes in Sneak Peak video. Just a glimpse at everything you'll have access to when you're a 4-2-5 Defense System client.

Module 1: Fronts and Run Fits (99 minutes)

Learn the base front, player personnel, adjustments, run fits and option fits.

1.01  4-2-5 Defense System Philosophy (08:35) Click for Sneak Preview!
1.02  Simplicity in the 4-2-5 Defense System (04:34)
1.03  Techniques & Alignment Terminology (07:39)
1.04  Player Personnel (20:26)
1.05  Strength Calls (07:04)
1.06  Run Fits and the Umbrella Principle (13:01)
1.07  Adjustment to Formations (10:24)
1.08  Other Fronts for the 4-2-5 Defense System (12:45)
1.09  Run Fits for Defending Any Option Play (11:14)
1.10  Key Coaching Points for Module 1 (04:51)

Module 2: Coverage Package (107 minutes)

Create your No Fly Zone using the coverage packages that best fit your schedule. Basic Cover 3, Cover 1 Man/Free or the latest Simplified Split Field Coverage package.

2.01  4-2-5 Defense System Coverage Philosophy (09:13)
2.02  Coverage Options for the 4-2-5 Defense System (04:32)
2.03  Cover 3 Zone Coverage (28:05)
2.04  Cover 1 Man/Free Coverage (12:03)
2.05  Split Field Quarters Coverage (33:46) Click for Sneak Preview!
2.06  Adjustments for Trips Formations (10:51)
2.07  Basic Coverage Checks (09:06)

Module 3: Position Technique & Drills (111 minutes)

Detailed breakdowns on how to coach and play each position in the System including techniques, coaching points, and drills to make it transfer to game day.

3.01  Defensive Line Stance (15:11)
3.02  Defensive Line Key Reads (05:30)
3.03  Strong Defensive End Key Reads (05:39)
3.04  Defensive Line Key Read Drill (10:05) Click for Sneak Preview!
3.05  Defensive Line Pass Rush Technique & Drills (09:17)
3.06  Linebacker Stance & Alignment (05:43)
3.07 Linebacker Key Reads (06:39)
3.08  Linebacker Drills (11:42)
3.09  Defensive Back Stance (10:20)
3.10  Safety Key Reads (06:46)
3.11  Safety Drills (12:03)
3.12  Developing the Free Safety (02:19)
3.13  Cornerback Zone Coverage Drills (03:50)
3.14  Cornerback Press Man Coverage Progression (05:18)

Module 4: Stunts & Blitzes (72 minutes)

Go on the attack with a comprehensive blitz package to turn up the pressure. Base blitzes, man blitzes, the zone blitz system and the best blitz in football - Tiger Cat.

4.01  Using Stunts & Blitzes (03:34)
4.02  Defensive Line Stunt Package (11:06)
4.03  Stunt Technique (07:43)
4.04  Blitz Basics (06:07)
4.05  Base Blitz Package (08:45)
4.06  Base Blitz X-Tags (07:54)
4.07  Zone Blitz Basics (03:57)
4.08  Dogs Zone Blitzes (02:36)
4.09  America's Fire Zone (03:20) Click for Sneak Preview!
4.10  Double A-Gap Blitzes (05:28)
4.11  Double Edge Blitz (01:27)
4.12  Tiger Cat Blitz Rules (10:45)
4.13  Tiger Cat vs Formations (03:09)

Module 5: Practice Planning & Game Planning (50 minutes)

Get the details of the 5 Day Install Plan including schedule spreadsheet and practice plan templates for the 90 Minute Practice Plan.

5.01  Install Schedule (11:09)
5.02  Install Practice Plans (19:48) Click for Sneak Preview!
5.03  Game Planning Using Tendency Reports (18:20)

Huge Library of Coaching Resources

The 4-2-5 Defense System has sold in the past for $299/year. But this package doesn’t end with the 5 Module Training Course. You’re going to get access to even more invaluable coaching resources to take your defense to a whole new level.

Exclusive, Live Web Clinics plus 42 Archived Web Clinics ($1,679.58 Value at $39.99 per clinic video you'll pay on other sites) give you more ideas to go even deeper in developing your defense. Presentations from Coach Daniel on every aspect of the game, plus guest coaches including many 4-2-5 Defense System clients sharing how they’ve put their own stamp on this defense. And how you can do it too. 

Defending the Spread Option Offense in the 4-2-5 Defense System video clinic ($39.99 value) walks you through defending the toughest run plays in the Spread Option Offense including Zone Read, Power Read and Speed Option. Learn the simple run fits to defend any option attack. The best fronts, stunts and blitzes that can help you dictate to the opposing play caller. And live game footage breakdowns of 4-2-5 Defense System teams all over the country.

Defending the Pro-I Offense in the 4-2-5 Defense System video clinic ($39.99 value) teaches you how to handle even the toughest 2-back offenses. Get the detailed run fits for Iso, Trap, Power, Counter and Sweep. Plus the critical alignment adjustments, top stunts and blitzes to shut down a football team that thinks they’re going to run right down your throat.

The Chalk Board Forum ($100 value for community training) where Coach Daniel and other JDFB Clients are ready to answer your questions 24/7 in a private message board. You’ll never be stuck without answers. Get the information you need to tailor the System to your own unique situations. Whether you need to develop drills to solve a problem or get the best game plan for your big rival, you have support all year long.

Chalk Talk Q&A Sessions ($200 value for live training) are our live webinar calls. I’ll answer your questions every week during the season, and monthly during the off-season. Get immediate feedback on the issues that are giving you problems, find out a new wrinkle, get clarity on the core principles. Our coaching clients swear by these sessions as the most valuable element of the entire System.

Chalk Talk Q&A Archives ($1019.66 value for 34 archived clinics) include all past Q&A questions archived by date. Over 150 questions have already been answered. Chances are, if you’ve got the question - someone has asked it. If you need immediate answers, this is an incredible place to find it.

How to Play Call Your 4-2-5 Defense video clinic ($39.99 value) gives you all the hand signals for calling in your defensive play calls fast. When teams want to speed it up and go No Huddle, you’ll be ready to get the call in. Plus get the special wrist band system you can use to get the calls in even faster.

Installing the 3-4 Defense Front with Your 4-2-5 Defense video clinic ($39.99) lets you get a true Multiple Front Defense. But still keep it simple. Learn how the 4-2-5 Defense front easily evolves into a 3-4 Defense that shuts down spread opponents and gives you a brand new look. Without adding any new calls. It’s a Multiple Front Defense done the Coach Simple Way.

Costs Less Than One Coaching Clinic

The total coaching system is valued at $3458, including an incredible $3159 in valuable bonus coaching resources that you cannot get access to anywhere else.

This is a Complete Coaching System. Built on a proven coaching philosophy. You’re getting every single resource you need in order to achieve greatness on the field. To see your players have the success they deserve.

It's an incredible library of resources that will cost you less than one-quarter of the cost to attend most coaching clinics. But those clinics have no guarantee you'll even be able to use the information. And the coaches sure don't come home with you to make sure you succeed.

How to Get The 4-2-5 Defense System

Right now, you can get a 7 Day Trial to JDFB Coaching Systems for $1. 

You get full access to everything I've mentioned from Day 1.  There is no contract. You can cancel any time right on the website our one-click cancellation. 

You get access to...

  • The 4-2-5 Defense System
  • The 33 Stack Defensive System
  • The 4-3 Defense System
  • The 3-4 Defense System
  • The Pistol Power Offense System

Just click the link below and start changing your football team for this season.


Make the Change Right Now

The clock is ticking down. Every day that passes without the 4-2-5 Defense System, you miss an opportunity to be studying and teaching.

The System is built on simplicity. But it takes time to commit the entire Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy to heart. 

Then you need to decide which parts of the System are right for your team. Right for this season. Your athletes. Your schedule. 

The time to get into the System is right now. Start digesting the huge library of resources. Start asking questions. Start getting answers. Making your football team better.

The 5 Day Install Guarantee

I’ve worked with thousands of coaches. This coaching system will work for your football team. I am 100% confident of that. 

That's why I've put together the 5 Day Install Plan Guarantee. 

After studying the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win Approach with your first month of access to the 4-2-5 Defense System, if you do not believe that using the 5 Day Install Plan is going to help your football team play faster, more aggressive, better defense on Game Day… I will refund your money. No questions asked.

This proven approach to coaching football will make your defense better. Guaranteed.

Click the Button Below to Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win.


You know the definition of insanity. It’s doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. It’s time to change how you coach defensive football. 

Don’t keep wasting your time or your player’s time. Don’t keep watching the same slow, soft, sloppy play on game day by players who are paralyzed by confusion.

The 4-2-5 Defense System is built on the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy. 

Keep it SIMPLE so your players understand their jobs on defense. Give them the confidence they need to execute on the field on game day.

Confident players play FAST. They know where to go and get there in a hurry. They play aggressive. They execute the play calls.

Faster players WIN more football games. That’s science.

Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win.

Don’t waste another day playing slow, soft and sloppy. Click that button to get Instant Access to the 4-2-5 Defense System right now. 

~ Joe Daniel

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